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Terms and Conditions


If the customer replies to the quotation by email, with the text ('I or we agree to the quotation' or somewhere along the lines). The customer agrees to the project and to the future billing of the amount of the quotation. When there is a change in the amount on the invoice. We must notify the customer before we send the invoice. This is seen as an oral agreement.

There is also an option to sign, scan and forward the quotation.

The reflection period to cancel the project is two days. We plan all projects two days in advance. Then we start the project and put our time into the project.

The first invoice will be sent after approximately two days and has a payment term of 30 days. We will send a reminder two days after the payment date. After five days, we charge 1% of the invoice amount as administration costs per week. If this is not observed, there may be legal consequences and we will in any case no longer do business.

By appointment, it is possible that the first 10% is paid in advance, after receiving the invoice. Here we charge a seven-day payment term. (This is usually used for countries outside of Europe). If this is not respected, we cancel the project.

If we cannot show or show anything after 10 days from the start date of the project, you are free to cancel the project and get a refund if prepaid.

You agree to the number of feedback rounds that have been predetermined and are on the quotation. When this is adjusted, the invoice date remains, but a new invoice is sent with the new price.

Use Of Photo Material

Viographs media uses free stock photos and proprietary material. Photos owned by Viographs Media can not be used for their own purposes. Please contact us about this. If this is violated, it may have legal consequences.

Hosting space & maintenance

Viographs Media thinks it is important and is aware of it, to handle your data very carefully about your website, so integrity is paramount. We also want to say that if we register the domain and you no longer want to use our services, you are entitled to the domain and we will not in any cunning way charge extra costs to get your domain back in person.

Subscription Cancel with monthly payment, 10 days maximum after invoicing in order not to have to pay the next month. example: payment of 1st invoice 28 Sept 2024 cancel 2nd invoice before 8 October 2024. This can be done via mailing or other contact forms that we use. (check the contact page)

When canceling, you simply get your domain and data back, only it is disconnected from the hosting space.

Annual payment cannot be canceled/refunded during the annual period, but decoupling of the hosting from the domain is always possible.

Annual payment takes 1 week, think about time for a possible refund.

When ignoring the invoices, we can hold your domain and disconnect it from the hosting and take your website offline. We do make a back-up of the site and send it to you neatly.

Invoices must be paid within 2 weeks as standard unless otherwise agreed.

This service is aimed at payment from administrative actions for registration.

When do we act to exclusion

  • In case of illegal activities on your website, your website will immediately be taken offline and the partnership will stop. Payments made are non-refundable. Legal considerations may follow.
  • In case of suspicious activities or names of your company, we can refuse our services to you.
  • When suspicious activities are reported, you can immediately be taken offline and a statement can be requested.
  • We are not obliged to accept you as a customer. This may be due to suspicious present or the amount of space we have available.
  • We do not accept porn on our hosting because we do not want to take the risk whether it is legal porn or not.
  • We do not accept 'Gore' websites where unsavory videos or images are shown in extreme forms.
  • Website where weapons and drugs are offered or glorified.
  • Website promoting or glorifying illegal violence.
  • Extreme groups where racism or hatred towards something or someone is glorified.


  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for damage due to force majeure.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for loss / damage of data and / or data.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for the behavior of its customers.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for damage suffered by hackers, internet criminals or down-time due to fault of, for example, DDoS attacks or the like.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for failure to meet specific requirements arising from legislation whose responsibility lies with the customer.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for the customer's failure to (fully) comply with obligations laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • VioGraphs Media cannot be held liable for violations of the Copyright Act, the Database Act and other applicable legislation made by its customers.
  • VioGraphs transfers the responsibility that is taken upon acceptance of general terms and conditions and whether usage contracts have been concluded with companies that are obliged to carry out the desired work to the customer.

Our general terms and conditions apply to all our services. If you agree on the offer and/or invoice, the customer automatically agrees to our general terms and conditions.


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