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Video Editing

At Editing, we edit the video material sent to us by the customer. Then we ensure that the unnecessary parts are removed from the video. so that it becomes more of a clear story. We edit the video in a style that matches the theme of the video.

Colour Grading

At Color Correction, we look at every raw material that we have used in the edit to see if we can make it a lot more lively and beautiful with color editing. Here you can think of warm filters or colder filters, but the image can also be brought more to its natural colors.

Music & Sound Design

Music and sound are of course very important for your video, it determines the mood. It is an element to get the viewer more involved in your video. We use copyright-free music to prevent future problems for your video. If you have a song that you have the right to use, you can always pass it on to us.

Subtitles & Captions

After the video is edited, the color correction is done, and the sound is well edited. there may be a further aspect too. The subtitles. This means that it is standard under the video for export, think of the entire video or for interviews where the speaker is not clearly audible. But you also have Captions, which means that you can choose whether you want to switch it on or off. for example on YouTube or Vimeo. we offer subtitles in Dutch or English.

Video Editing


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Our work

The process

Initial meeting / Briefing

In the briefing expect a list of points that the video must meet. We can also have a conversation about what is best for the video and discuss the wishes and the main points.


During the planning phase, we take everything we gathered from the first meeting and start planning the project so we can send you more information about the project.


During the edit phase, the video is edited to the suggested style, which may include video editing, music, color correction and typography.


In the feedback round, certain edits can still be adjusted or changed before the final version is determined.


After everything has been completed successfully, the final version will be forwarded, meaning that we and the customer agree with the final product.


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