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Graphic design is perhaps the most important aspect of your business. Whether that is for the company itself, or projects within the company. As a team we research everything and work step by step on the design, so that there is a thought behind the end product instead of just any design being delivered. During the sketch and design phase, we ensure that you remain closely involved to stay informed of the direction we are taking with the design.

We offer an extensive range for graphical products such as: business cards, flyers, posters, logo designs, color / editing corrections for photos and posts / advertisements for social media.

What we offer title


Graphic Design tool Graphic Design tool Graphic Design tool

Logo Design

The logo is perhaps the most important element of the company. It is the hallmark of the company. That makes it important that it looks good and fits with the time and corporate identity. We offer these services for creating new logos but also for logos that need a redesign.

Business Cards

A business card is an ideal way for a company to pass on small information about your company to partners or to promote yourself so that you can easily get in touch or be reminded of your company. We ensure that the business card matches the style of your company or project.

Posters & Flyers

Using posters and flyers is an ideal way to promote your services and events. That is why it is important to properly implement the style of the company to make your events recognizable. It is our task to come up with and create something creative that fits the corporate identity.

Photo & Colour Edits

We can ensure that photos are processed correctly by making the color stand out beautifully and strongly. The quality of the photo is of course important. But we can also apply other applications, such as getting rid of that one pimple that you hate or objects, etc. Everything is negotiable.

Social Media Ads/Posts Design

We can also create social media ad posts for businesses as it is important to be active online. We know how important it is for your post to be eye-catching.

Our work

The process

If you are wondering how we approach your graphic product, see the steps below.

Initial Meeting

At this initial meeting we try to get to know you, your target audience and your goals and needs. We start a conversation that will help us later in the process.


During the planning phase we take everything that we've gathered from the initial meeting and start planning out the project, so we can send you further details about the project.


In this phase, we conduct research on the project and prepare reports containing choices and options regarding the direction in which the project can lead.

Sketch & Design

Through the research, we make a number of sketches and deliver a number of designs in a mock-up.


In the feedback round, minor adjustments can be made to the design before delivery.


After everything has been completed successfully, the final version will be forwarded, which means that we and the customer agree with the final product.


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