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Our Story

About VioGraphs Media

VioGraphs Media was founded by Rammah Karpous and Daniël Lemmen. VioGraphs stands for Vision of Graphics.

In 2017 Rammah Karpous already started as a Freelancer. In which Daniël already helped with the financial part. Years ago there were already plans to start a company together. But they first wanted to pursue studies where they would benefit from the expertise they focus on and running a business in the future.

In 2020 they founded Viographs Media, which focuses on the online media aspects. where we help small to medium-sized companies to develop their online (but also offline) presence.

VioGraphs is not only there to earn, but also to help, to get to know people and companies, and to take a closer look at the industries over the entire world.

Meet Our Team

We are a team that doesn’t just only think within the spectrum, but also out of the box to develop the best products for our clients. We are young, fresh minded, and creative individuals.


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Daniel Lemmen

Financial & video director

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Rammah Karpous

Web & Graphic director


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Matheus Chaves

Front-end Developer

Why choose us?

Besides the fact that we exercise our expertise in several areas, we also know that time is a precious concept in business. So it is already an advantage that we offer three services, where the customer makes a profit on time and money. Think of maintaining contacts with three different companies, or different profit calculations of companies about the requested services. We work with a list of people who carefully handle assignments that fit the style of how we work as VioGraphs Media.

We also stand for development and research so that we can offer companies a wide range of style choices. But we also find empathic empathy ability important for our customers, being open to feedback to improve our services and build a better relationship.

Our mission

Our mission is to help online media services around the world and by investing to achieve more. This allows us to deliver high-quality products and to keep up with the latest technological developments. In order to achieve this, we thoroughly research our customers' business and look at its competitors to deliver the best results, and we see ourselves as the new generation focused on the latest trends.

We also want to stay as close to our clients as possible, by using online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Discord, after all, we live in a digital era. we can keep our customers informed and involve them as closely as possible in the project.

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